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Dr Aida Murko & Dr Zoran Murko


Boca Raton Psychiatrists Dr Aida Murko & Dr Zoran Murko graduated from medical school in 1979. For the next 15 years, Dr Aida Murko specialized in pediatrics and Dr Zoran Murko specialized in Emergency Medicine with a special interest in Pulmonary, Cardiology, and Geriatric medicine.

In 1995 they relocated from Bosnia to the United States and each completed the requirements to hold a medical license in the United States. During this time they became intensely interested in Psychiatry. Dr Aida Murko with a special focus on child psychiatry, and Dr Zoran Murko focusing on geriatric psychiatry.

They were accepted into the Psychiatry Residency Training Program at the University of Iowa. Both continued their training at the University of Iowa and completed Fellowships in their areas of interest. Graduates from this program are held in extremely high regard in the psychiatric and medical community. They have been married for 30 years and have two adult daughters. Together they form a comprehensive team who can treat the entire family, from children to parents to grandparents.